Martcoin Full Review Of The Gambling CryptoCurrency Lending

Recently I’ve came across this brand new and quite honestly breathtaking cryptocurrency lending platform that will be released at the end of 2017 this year. The name of this project might be surprising as it doesn’t suit the purpose of the coin, but nevertheless today I bring you: MartCoin.

MartCoin is a new project that is looking to incorporate gambling into the lending space that is currently very popular and hyped. This platform will look to offer you investment opportunities by giving you daily passive income, for your money that you invest into their service.

People may be wondering why would anyone trust this platform or company with their hard earned money? Well they offer you huge interest rates that are unheard of in 2017. You can earn up to 67% per day, which is crazy. You won’t find 67% per day anywhere else, and certainly wont find it offered by any banks.

I’m crazily excited for Martcoin and I’m almost certain that this platform is going to be huge. These platforms all rely on hype and exposure and I know that the team on Martcoin is going hard on marketing and spreading the platform to as many people as they can.

A way that many of these platforms are marketing themselves is by providing an affiliate program to their users. We have seen that Martcoin offers an 8% bonus to its users, and we are very happy with this and hope that many people get their bonuses by purchasing the ICO (initial coin offering) or by using the lending platform. We really hope that you are a lucky person because if you are then you can 20 times your money in just the space of 1 month. Imagine starting with $1000 and finishing the month with $20000, wouldn’t that be insane? This is life changing money and we are so excited to share this with you.